Drain tile in the new plumbing code

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Drain tile in the new plumbing code

Postby RDavidson » Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:17 pm

The soon to be adopted Uniform Plumbing Code requires and regulates drain tile systems for all buildings having basements, cellars, and the like below grade. It regulates the materials, pump, sump, the whole shooting match. So, does this mean that the work must be done under a plumbing permit by properly licensed plumbers?

There is also statute language that comes into play as follows:
326b.46, subd 1, (e) Waterproofing contractors licensed under sections 326B.801 to 326B.89 may install
in existing single-family dwellings a single sump pump, which receives subsurface or seepage
water through a subsoil drain and discharges to grade. The Minnesota Plumbing Code applies to
this paragraph, including provisions relating to proper installation, use of approved materials,
and proper support of the materials.

But this only allows one sump pump to be installed, not the entire system. It just keeps getting better!
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