Sprinklers/concealed spaces/fireplaces

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Sprinklers/concealed spaces/fireplaces

Postby RDavidson » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:27 pm

A home is required to have a sprinkler system. On one floor there is a gas fireplace in a chase or similar concealed space. On another floor is a wood burning stove.

P2904.1.1 states that “Sprinklers shall be installed to protect all areas of a dwelling unit”. Then the first exception states that “Attics, crawl spaces and normally unoccupied concealed spaces that do not contain fuel fired appliances do not require sprinklers. In attics, crawl spaces and normally unoccupied concealed spaces that contain fuel-fired equipment, a sprinkler shall be installed above the equipment…”

NFPA 13D, 8.6.5 and, states that “Sprinkler shall not be required in attics, penthouse equipment rooms, elevator machine rooms, concealed spaces dedicated exclusively to and containing only dwelling unit ventilation equipment, floor/ceiling spaces, elevator shafts, crawl spaces, and other concealed spaces that are not used or intended for living purposes and that do not contain fuel-fired equipment” and “When fuel-fired equipment is present, at least one quick-response intermediate temperature sprinkler shall be installed above the equipment.”

P2904 seems to be saying that a head must be installed above the equipment only when in a concealed space. 13D seems to be saying a head must be installed in both concealed installations and above a free standing piece of equipment.

Is that the way you folks would see it? Does anyone have any concerns about putting sprinkler heads in concealed spaces near such a heat source even if the required distances are maintained?
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