Question of the Day - #123 Let’s hide it really, really good

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Question of the Day - #123 Let’s hide it really, really good

Postby RDavidson » Thu Jan 08, 2015 1:56 pm

A major Twin Cities building materials supplier stops by the office for a chat and we talk about the new energy code. He seems a bit surprised about what he perceives is the imminence of application. He says he just recently talked to someone at DLI and they said they didn’t have a date for adoption and that he had checked the DLI website and there was no date listed for adoption of Chapter 1322. Apparently he wasn’t aware that just because it wasn’t listed under Chapter 1322 that didn’t mean it wasn’t located someplace else. I told him to look at Chapter 1303 Radon Control Methods and he would find the adoption there. I said the heading of the rulemaking docket stated that it applied both to radon and residential energy rules. He asked why would they not provide some direction to make it more clear that those rules were being adopted? I told him I wasn’t in charge of the DLI website. He then asked why, when he called, did the staffer that he talked to not know about the availability of the rule and the date of adoption? He must have thought that I worked in that office. I mumbled something about the right hand and the left hand and said he would really need to call DLI and ask them that question. But this got me to thinking, is the Minnesota Residential Energy Code really going into effect on February 14 or is it not? Anyone?
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Re: Question of the Day - #123 Let’s hide it really, really good

Postby Steve Nelson » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:33 am

Not getting a lot of replies but thanks for posting some of this stuff, Rick. I recently saw a release stating 2-14 is the effective date for Radon and Energy. That's what I am going by. State did not show up to 10K meeting so no help there. Hopefully we will get updates next week at the U.
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