Sprinkler procedures

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Sprinkler procedures

Postby codetalker » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:12 pm

With our new sprinkler provisions just around the corner there may be some additional details and duties for the building department. Just wondering if anybody out there has figured out how to administer this requirement.
For example:
Is a separate permit required for the sprinkler installation?
If so, so a separate fee be required?
Is a plan review required and if so what information needs to be on it?
Should a separate plan review fee be required and if so how much?
Who can install these systems?
Who can design these systems?

There are probably more issues out there. This is as good as anyplace to hear them.
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Re: Sprinkler procedures

Postby RDavidson » Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:07 pm

Well, let's take a whack at the questions.

Is a separate permit required for the sprinkler installation? Maybe.
Sprinkler advocates dwelled on the argument that these systems would be multipurpose piping systems. Those systems would be part of the potable water supply. Generally the plumbing permit would then include the sprinkler system.

Separate fee required? Maybe.
If you issue plumbing permits based on valuation, the fee would increase with the increase in cost due to the sprinkler system. If you charge a fixed rate per dwelling, you may wish to consider a different rate for dwellings that have sprinkler systems.

Is a plan review required and what info? Maybe.
The State Fire Marshal has a written interp (Interp FP-09 (2007)) that says that while these systems aren't regulated under MS 299M, they have certain requirements that must be met including plan submittal. It is doubtful building departments are bound by this interp. I suspect that at least some jurisdictions will require that plans and worksheets be submitted showing compliance with whichever design standard is used.

Should a separate plan review fee be required and how much? Maybe.
That would be up the AHJ and the jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions may charge a plan review fee. Others may just raise the permit fee and cover it there.

Who can install these systems?
Since they are part of the plumbing system, they must be installed by folks properly licensed by the DLI. There are requirements in 299M for installers but again it is doubtful that building departments have any authority to enforce those rules. Also, as of a week ago, there weren't any plumbers who had the license required under 299M, the classes are not available, and applications weren't available. Fire protection contractors cannot install multipurpose systems unless they are also licensed as plumbers. Is it possible that stand alone systems will be installed by fire protection contractors if no plumbers can or will do the work? Maybe, after all it was that industry that provide huge subsidies for advocates to get the rules in the code and they might expect to get something back. Will the cost be higher if another trade must be used and a stand alone system is installed? I'm sure that won't happen.

Who can design the systems?
If they are part of the plumbing system, any plumber can design them. Again, 299M requires that folks doing sprinkler design also must be licensed through the SFM office but there is nothing in the building code that would require building departments must enforce those rules.

There are several sprinkler design manuals online. One of them is:
http://www.ircfiresprinkler.org/docs/Kl ... 202008.pdf
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Re: Sprinkler procedures

Postby Steve Nelson » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:21 am

Since SFM says these systems don't fall under 299M (per 2007 interp), none of the requirements you stated would be applicable then, correct? Including: Design? Licensing? Installers?
Steve Nelson
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Re: Sprinkler procedures

Postby John M. » Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:21 pm

And where in the house will the 270 gallon water tank be stored?
I don't know where you'll get a 27 gal 10 min 2 head deluge without it.
John M.
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