Question of the Day - #90 How many air changes per hour?

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Question of the Day - #90 How many air changes per hour?

Postby RDavidson » Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:51 pm

2015 MN Residential Code Section R303.4 reads as follows: R303.4 Mechanical ventilation. Where the air infiltration rate of a dwelling unit is less than 5 air changes per hour when tested with a blower door at a pressure of 0.2 inch w.c. in accordance with Section N1102.4.1.2, the dwelling unit shall be provided with whole-house mechanical ventilation in accordance with Section M1507.3.

2015 MN Residential Energy Code section R402.4.1.2 requires a blower door test and limits to 3 the number of air changes per hour permitted.

Do you see any conflicts or confusion occurring because of these two code sections?
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