Mechanical exhaust/intake separation

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Mechanical exhaust/intake separation

Postby forumadmin » Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:56 pm

Please refer to Minnesota State Chapter 1346 2006 IMC/IFGC for the entire section language

What is the required separation of the intake from the exhaust of a high-efficiency furnace?
(choose one)
3 feet
10 feet
Whatever the appliance manufacturer specifies.

1346.IMC501.2.1 Location of exhaust outlets says “the termination point of exhaust outlets…shall be located with the following minimum distances:” #2 for (other) product-conveying exhaust outlets: “10 feet from operable openings into buildings”
*Please note the language in 1346.IMC501.2 item #3”: “environmental air exhaust:…3 feet from mechanical air intakes.” (Note the specificity in identifying the “mechanical air intake” which is not described in item #2.)

1347.IFGC618.5 Prohibited sources. “Outside or return air for a forced-air heating system shall not be taken from the following locations: #1 Closer than 10 feet from an appliance vent outlet…”

1347IFGC901.1 General. #1 “Equipment and appliances listed and labeled to an appropriate standard…when install and tested according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.”

1346.IMC304.2 Conflicts. states: “Where conflicts between this code and the conditions of listing or the manufacturer’s installation instructions occur, the provisions of this code shall apply.” (see also the exception)

Dilema? A product installation instruction manual of a high-efficiency residential furnace allows 12” of separation between the exhaust and intake ports.
Let’s hear some discussion on these code sections. Do they conflict? Do they work? Do they confuse? Have you considered this separation where a direct vent furnace and a direct vent water heater are vented out the same wall?
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Re: Mechanical exhaust/intake separation

Postby Jim Solheid » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:58 am

I had a contractor do the following:
Direct vent furnace,inlet and out let for a HRV,gas line and air conditioner base all with in a corner space of about 12 ft.
With the way the house was turned the winds did not let fresh air in. Back drafting of furnace was possible.
On top of that the area in the basement was finished.
I had the contractor move the HRV inlet to around the corner and raise the furnace pipes to more than 3 ft. above ground.Very expensive fix
Not sure if every thing was correct but I am sleeping better.
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