Public restroom requirement

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Public restroom requirement

Postby forumadmin » Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:18 am

A business applies for a tenant finish permit in an existing commercial space. The business creates a food product that is take-out only (no dining space available). Is a public restroom required within this design?
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Re: Public restroom requirement

Postby Paul Heimkes » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:51 am

If the public comes into the tenant space, I would say yes. Is this public utilization? I think so. If it is a drive-up only, then no. I am basing this on footnote d (Table 2902.1) which also requires you to add in outside occupants in your calculation. If the code presses you into this condition - under this circumstance, why not something similar for the interior waiting area at a pick-up only style of restaurant? Ugly,...yes! But I believe that is what the code says.
Note that the code allows for a shared employee and public restroom facility, so they can be one in the same (usually unisex in these smaller conditions). The bigger issue is what the code says about access to the restroom (by the public). ...One may not be routed through a kitchen or storage room. This is a huge problem is strip mall settings where the unfinished spaces always seem to have the plumbing rough-in for the future restroom in the rear of the space. Once finished (with the once unknown tenant), if the public has to get to the restroom facilities, they are not be routed through the kitchen or storage areas (per code).
That said,... I'm not going to try and solve that one for you. That's for the people who sit in the big chair (BO/AHJ). Sorry.
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