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Question of the Day - #116 The need for clairvoyance!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:05 pm
by RDavidson
So we are looking at 2015 Minnesota Residential Code section R402.2 which is a general section on concrete. It lays out the minimum strength of concrete and refers the reader to Table R402.2. Now this table requires that footings in all weathering potential categories must be 5000 psi minimum. The story is that a building scientist from South Africa says that water is squirting through footings creating untenable living conditions and that the statute provides the authority to control air quality and this is the reason for requiring the stronger concrete strength for footings. I guess that makes perfect sense. The previously referenced table applies to all footings or at least there is nothing to give the reader that it intends otherwise. Therefore a reasonable person would apply the strength requirement to all footings. Now there is a story going around that the code gods are telling people that they didn’t intend to apply this table to all footings, only certain ones. This is where the clairvoyance comes in. I don’t have clairvoyance and my psychic is in the Bahamas so is there someone out there with these powers that can specify which footings are supposed to be impacted by this rule? Anyone? And, if this 5000 psi rule only applies to certain footings, what is the strength requirement for footings that are not intended to be covered by the water squirting rule? Anyone? Is this where we are supposed to make something up?