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Question of the Day - #114 Unconditioned crawl space/bsmts

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:21 am
by RDavidson
Ok, there have been all kinds of questions about basement wall insulation and conditioned basements versus unconditioned basements. How frequently has anyone dealt with an “unconditioned basement”, ever, anyone? Ok, so lets jump to Minnesota Residential Energy Code section R402.2.10. This section deals with “crawl space walls”. This section provides direction for insulating crawl space walls when the floor over the crawl space is not insulated and the crawl space is not ventilated. These rules for unconditioned crawl spaces are different from the rules that apply to an unconditioned basement. Why?

If the ceiling height in this underfloor space is less than 6’4”, then it is a crawl space. If it is more than 6’8”, then it is a basement. If it is between those two dimensions we don’t know what it is. Unconditioned basements must be waterproofed. Not so for unconditioned crawl spaces. Does this make any sense?