Question of the Day - #110 These darn “T” fittings!

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Question of the Day - #110 These darn “T” fittings!

Postby RDavidson » Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:16 am

I’m sitting at home studying about radon compliance and I read MR 1303.2402, subpart 3. This is about “T” fittings. This section states: “A “T” fitting shall be installed beneath the soil-gas membrane with a minimum of 10 feet of perforated pipe connected to any two openings of the “T” fitting or by connecting the two openings to the interior drain tile system. The third opening of the “T” shall be connected to the vent pipe. The perforated pipe or drain tile and the “T” fitting shall be the same size as the vent pipe. All connections to the “T” fitting shall be tight fitting.”

Then I start installation of my radon elimination project. First it says that I install two pieces of 10 foot pipe “to any two openings of the “T” fitting”. So I glue one perforated pipe to the opening on the left and one perforated pipe to the opening in the middle. Then I realize that my vent would be horizontal so I realize the text is a bit liberal about which openings to use. So I throw away the two ten foot perforated pipes and decide to just connect to the drain tile like the rule says I can. But, I’m using 3” PVC so I can put the vent in a wall and now I read that the drain tile has to be the same size as the “T” fitting and vent! Now I have to tear out the entire 4” drain tile that I had installed and put in 3” so that the system will work properly. Don’t want any of that nasty radon getting into the house. I wonder if they make a fitting so that I can adapt that 3” PVC to a 3” drain tile. Do they? Then I start to think, under the old rule I could install a 3” vent directly into an interior drain tile loop (any size) or a sump and that met code. Now I can’t put that 3” vent into a 4” drain tile. I suppose too many people were dying. I can’t use the sump as a suction point anymore so the only choice I have is to replace my entire drain tile with 3”. Smaller is better any way I tell myself. And, I want to do things right!
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Re: Question of the Day - #110 These darn “T” fittings!

Postby Steve Nelson » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:14 am

I am not sure where it says it has to connect to the perforated drain tile. It says to the drain tile system. Is the rock not part of the system? A question for you. It says a minimum of 10 ft of pipe. Is that 2 five foot pieces?
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