Question of the Day - #79 Find it if you can!

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Question of the Day - #79 Find it if you can!

Postby RDavidson » Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:10 pm

2015 MN rules section 1309.0703, subpart 2a, regulates the water-resistive barrier. Deep in R703.2 is the statement “Where joints occur in the water-resistive barrier or flashing, the joints shall be lapped not less than 6 inches.” This is section R703.2 (covers weather resistive barriers). This amended text has a lap requirement for flashing.

Flashing of exterior windows and doors is referenced in section R612 and refers the user of the code to Section R703.8.” R703.1 also directs the code user to R703.8 for flashing requirements. There are no requirements in R703.8 that flashing be overlapped 6 inches. DLI created several amendments to R703.8 but there is no mention in those amendments of lap requirements.

In the interest of uniformity, how likely is it that anyone using the Minnesota Residential Code will gain an awareness that flashing is to be lapped not less than 6 inches? Will they look to the section on weather resistive barriers for flashing details or will they look in the section on flashing? Is this careless code writing or do you believe it is intentional?
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