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Question of the Day - #60 Caulking=Weatherstripping=Poly=???

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:07 pm
by RDavidson
We have 2015 MN radon rules section 1303.2400, subpart 3, regarding mixed occupancy buildings. It says when a residential occupancy is in contact with earth and adjacent to a non-residential occupancy, the residential occupancy shall incorporate a radon control system and all assemblies that separate the nonresidential and residential occupancy shall be sealed to prevent the movement of air or airborne gases”.

Then we have a plan that is submitted with a residential use and a non-residential used where the residential use is in contact with earth and adjacent a non-residential occupancy. We may or may not have a separation of uses.

The designer said he went to the mountain and the mountain said he could use smoke gaskets on the doors separating the uses. So you say, ok if you have unseparated uses but if a required fire separation is needed, the doors must be listed for use with smoke gaskets.

He asks about what to do about the undercut of the doors? Do you suggest he go back to the mountain? Do you tell him the doors have to prevent the movement of air or airborne gases and it is his problem, you aren’t giving any hints? Then he asks if he can put the doors on hold open devices. What do you tell him? Do you tell him no? Do you tell him only if the hold opens release when a radon detector detects radon in the area? Are there radon detectors?