Question of the Day - #39 Radon, Now a Light!!!!

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Question of the Day - #39 Radon, Now a Light!!!!

Postby RDavidson » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:15 am

2015 MN Rules 1303.2403, C, Luminaire and receptacle outlet. The conventional wisdom was that a power source was required in the anticipated location of a radon fan to avoid the work and expense of installing the power source if a fan was later installed. The new rules for an active radon control system require a luminaire that isn’t required when a passive system is installed. Do you suppose this is an oversight, careless code writing, intentional? Why wouldn’t the luminaire have also been required at the time the receptacle was?

In addition to the permit for the fan installation creating an active system, an electrical permit may be required to wire the luminaire. Do you suppose this was anticipated by the author of this text?

In the case of a fan being installed on the exterior of the dwelling or in a garage, these luminaires are going to be susceptible to contact damage and homeowners may decry the looks of a luminaire on an exterior wall. How do you intend to enforce the luminaire requirement for exterior installations? Will you enforce it as written or make something up?
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