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Question of the Day - #21 Radon Everything Applies!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:21 pm
by RDavidson
2015 MN Rules 1303.2400, subpart 2 lists as triggers for a passive radon control system a basement concrete slab in contact with earth, a crawl space with a dirt or concrete floor, a “wood foundation floor constructed on or directly above the earth”, slab on grade construction designs and attached or tuck-under garages, unless the floor, wall, and ceiling assemblies separating the garage from the dwelling are sealed.

At the tail end of that list is item F which is “any building configuration that allows radon gas to enter the residential dwelling”.

Would someone venture a guess as to what that building configuration might be that isn’t already covered? What was the author thinking when this phrase was inserted? Do these “catch all” phrases add clarity or confusion to the code? Would not virtually any building configuration allow radon gas to enter the residential dwelling, even if it were on the 101st floor of a building since elevators move air throughout the building? Given the list of residential structures listed in 1303.2400, doesn’t every building with a residential use in it already require a passive radon control system?