CSST interesting read

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CSST interesting read

Postby Armand » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:35 am

http://www.tracpipe.com/CompanyNews/new ... sId=409681

The highlight of the read for me is that in Europe and Canada equipotential bonding of metal systems is mandated. Why hasn't the U.S. followed suite?

here's the chapter I thought interesting
Lightning damage can affect all systems within a home, including rigid gas piping, electrical wiring and appliances. In the unlikely event that lightning should strike a structure, a properly installed and bonded CSST system has been proven effective in resisting related damage. In fact, a recently released report by the Fire Protection Research Foundation – the country’s foremost authority on fire, electrical and building safety – validated the importance of bonding CSST systems, as part of its larger conclusion that bonding together all metallic systems in an equipotential manner is the best way to reduce lightning damage to homes, absent a lightning protection system. Furthermore, the study found that in Europe and Canada, where equipotential bonding is mandated, there have been no reports of lightning-related damage to CSST systems.
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Re: CSST interesting read

Postby JG MCP » Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:47 pm

Bonding of CSST systems is required and technically always was. Extensive work was done in the US due to a southern lawsuit. The bonding system agreed to in the initial settlement language caused a larger than needed bond connection. I actually worked with the manufacturers and their reasearchers for some better language that has since been included in all their literature.
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