Updated Rules for IBC and IRC Posted at DLI

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Updated Rules for IBC and IRC Posted at DLI

Postby Heimkes Paul » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:20 am

FYI: New Updated Drafts of IRC and IBC MN Amendments Posted on DLI Website (Dated 10/3/12)

If any of you are interested, updated draft versions of the 1305 Rule (amendments for the 2012 IBC) and the 1309 Rule (amendments for the 2012 IRC) are now posted on the DLI website here: http://www.dli.mn.gov/Ccac.asp

These drafts have also recently been sent out to the appropriate DLI-CCLD Advisory Committee’s and to the MN Construction Codes Advisory Council for their review/comment.

I assume the drafts will be slightly reworked in minor ways by CCLD Rulemaking Staff, DLI attorneys, and/or the State Revisor’s Office for final formatting purposes, but as I understand it, what you see in each of the Rules is essentially how they will read for final publication (for MN intent to adopt Rule process) - unless there is another directive for change.

Paul Heimkes
Heimkes Paul
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Re: Updated Rules for IBC and IRC Posted at DLI

Postby Johnstop » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:58 pm

Paul, What would be a change that we should draw attention too.
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Re: Updated Rules for IBC and IRC Posted at DLI

Postby Heimkes Paul » Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:52 am

I can only represent proposed changes to the IBC (because I was not part of the IRC committee, and I have not read their Rule changes yet). In the IBC, it is my opinion that there were really not many significant changes. Some of the more notable code change proposals seem to be the ones everyone was already aware of. They include:

*Sprinkler requirements for Group R occupancies, including SFD's
*Updated window fall protection requirements (to prevent kids from falling out of windows)
*Emergency Escape Egress Window Replacement Provisions
*Provisions limiting the amount of room/space open to a rated corridor (better clarification/direction)
*Window cleaner equipment requirements/standards (to prevent falls for cleaners)
*Provisions to better regulate/coordinate the use/installation of foam plastics on walls of non-comb bldgs
*Language changes to better incorporate and direct users to other state/agency Rules (MDH/MHS)
*Adding the state licensed facility matrix table (from helpful hints section of MSBC) into the code
*Correcting other I code and Rule coordination problems (so all codes/Rules work together better for MN)
*CO detector language for certain occupancies/uses

There was a lot of effort put into coordination issues between the IRC, IBC, IECC and the SFC to assure that regulations were written and applied identically for same uses/same occupancies. To me this was the most difficult part of the work, because the "family" of codes is really not a family anymore. Regulations in each seem to go many different directions, so a tweak here or there affected each I-code/Rule differently in every case. ...Very frustrating for technical Rule writers.

As I said, in my opinion, there really were not many "significant changes" to the IBC, just lots of effort to coordinate other Rules and codes with the IBC. If I missed something notable though, maybe another committee member can add or comment. Note that the CCAC will be meeting next week to review/make recommendation on moving the Rules forward and into the next phase of State Rule Adoption (Revisors Office for final formatting and then on to formal publication - I think).

The 2012 IBC itself though, is a much better code than the 2006. It's better coordinated within itself; as such, we won't see as many exceptions that are actually directives, grammer and regional word/phrase/slang usage has improved and is more standardized (better english), not so many dead-ends in the code, and it has finally picked-up some of the provisions that were tossed out to other codes or standards in the previous four editions (which will give us better direction while attempting to administration of the code). Trust me, it's a much better document. :D
I can only hope the same for the IRC, IMC/IFGC, the IECC and the IFC. :?:

Paul H.
Heimkes Paul
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Re: Updated Rules for IBC and IRC Posted at DLI

Postby RDavidson » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:50 pm

If you love the smell of regulation when you get up in the morning you will love the new Minnesota Residential Code. The new code will address virtually every hazard that exists in a home and many that don't, and some of them twice! It guarantees job security for eveyone out there. My sympathies to those of you who work near ND, SD, IA, or WI. I feel your pain.

PS. It would be a good time to invest in companies that have anything to do with PEX, fire sprinklers, smoke alarms, CO alarms, gypsum board, plywood, and Ouija Boards. Also make sure you have DOLI on speed dial.
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Re: Updated Rules for IBC and IRC Posted at DLI

Postby the man » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:21 pm

I have to aggree with Rick on this.
If there is one thing that Minnesota does well that is to over regulate the people and add cost to everything
but with the extra cost, more tax money and bigger goverment.Right
the man
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