smoke alarm redux

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smoke alarm redux

Postby Armand » Fri May 04, 2012 4:05 pm

Amended IRC section 313.2.1 excetion 1 states;
"Interconnection and hardwiring of smoke alarms in existing areas shall not be required to be hardwired where the alterations or repairs do not result in the removal of interior wall or ceiling finishes exposing the structure."

An entryway/laundry room addition on a crawlspace is built off the kithcen of a dwelling.
The basement ceiling is open framing.

Would you require a hardwired smoke alarm at the base of the stairs to a bedroomless basement or would you allow a battery operated alarm to be placed there because the work did not result in the removal of ceiling finishes, because the ceiling was never finished? Reread the exception again.

If you require a hardwired smoke alarm there how do you justify it with code language after reading that exception. Remember the work involved did NOT result in removal of the basement ceiling finish.

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