too close for comfort

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too close for comfort

Postby Armand » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:00 am

A detached accessory structure greater than 120 square feet in area is built less than five feet from a property line.

Do the provisions found in amended IRC section 302.1 require the one hour fire rated construction to be continuous from the foundation to the bottom of the roof sheathing or to the top plate?

I suggest it is to the top plate, inside and outside.

The intent is to protect each property from the other, which the interior of the wall protection does by ending at the plate. The fire would be forced upward not sideways.

The exterior side is protected from the neighbor by virtue of the exterior wall and the bottom of the soffit, which requires one layer of 5/8 FR gyp board.

As I recall it was discused at several seminars that the fascia did not require protection, so if that follows true, why would the wall need protection to the bottom of the roof sheathing on both sides.

What is your opinion.
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