Exterior grease traps

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Exterior grease traps

Postby Armand » Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:46 pm

I'm just curious how many of us are requiring that exterior grease traps have the permanently affixed information as required by Chapter 4715 section 1115 subpart 2 first paragraph.

Here's the excerpt from that section that applies.

The name of the tank manufacturer, the liquid holding capacity, and compliance with ASTM C1227-98 for the tank construction must be permanently affixed to the tank.

I had a discussion regarding this with DLI Plumbing Dept. recently, the interpretation on "permanently affixed" does not include spray paint. It must be a metal tag or cast into the tank wall.

DLI Plumbing Dept. explained that the idea is to be able to identify the tanks information when it needs to be dug up. The paint doesn't do that.

Are you inspecting them to this standard?

The last one I saw had a stainless steel plate with the information cut into the plate and anchored to the tank on the inlet side.

I believe it was cast in the Elk River area. Congrats to that manufacturer for getting it correct.
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