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Postby David Swan » Wed May 20, 2009 11:55 pm

To all code committee chairs and the entire body of Minnesota Code Officials:

The Uniformity of Inspections Committee wishes to have your input into a proposed cooperative collaboration of all code-related committees.

The Uniformity of Inspections Committee has discussed the merits or disadvantages of an effort to bring all code related committees together in a more unified, representative approach consisting of the sharing of discussion topics, notes and accumulated data between all groups.

Our committee believes this approach will be beneficial to all committees if kept simple and manageable.

Our efforts, as well as yours, can often be duplicated by other committees. And as committees often are, the membership sometimes does not have a broad enough range of experience and knowledge to proficiently and wholly research issues.

Each committee (through simple email connections) would share:
• Meeting agendas,
• Meeting minutes, and
• Topic lists.
If any committee noticed discussions or research by other committees that they could use or could share, a hand-off of the research and discussions could be made between committees. Additionally, if a topic came up which had been previously reviewed, researched or discussed by any group or individual, the transfer of information could be a time-saving, effort-sharing leap forward in analyzing our often complex documents.

The intent of this cooperation would have to be nonthreatening in regard to any power or authority, non-burdensome in effort, and could create mutual opportunities to improve our codes.

Minnesota Building Officials have always had a dedicated concern to improve the built environment. This is evidenced by the high level of participation that is produced by this single body of code officials in all aspect of our duties.

Please share with us with your thoughts on this suggestion.


10K Lakes Uniformity of Inspections Committee Members

Dave Swan, Maplewood
Joe Yancey, Robbinsdale
Roger Axel, New Hope
Dave Ding, Maple Grove
Jeff Fish, St. Paul
Jerry Frevel, Golden Valley
Mike Fricke, DOLI
Gary Kirkeide, Champlin
Gerry Proulx, Roseville
Geven Rabe, New Brighton
Denise Sandberg, Minneapolis
Paul Swett, Brooklyn Center
Chuck Tatro, New Hope
David Swan
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