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As the current President of the Chapter it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the 10,000 Lakes Chapter’s web site.  The board of directors and I hope that you’ll find the site to be a valuable addition to your professional resources.  We hope you find this site an asset providing timely information about chapter activities, including, but not limited to, educational offerings, legislative affairs, and code development.  Please feel free to add to the conversation on the discussion boards, as it's a great chance to learn what your peers are thinking. If you have comments about this site, please feel free to contact me.
President: Chris Faste   Chris Faste

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2015 Contractor Training Brochure
2015 Spring 2 Day Seminar on Transitioning from 2006 to 2012 IFC & IBC March 24-27  
2015 Upper Great Plains III Education Institute February 2-6  
See DLI Website for Municipal Delegation Agreement      
Composite Decking Updated 7-2013     
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